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*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Happy summer everyone!!! Today I am going to be sharing with you a tutorial for this darling Clutch bag with strap! The Cricut Maker has so many possibilities and one of them is cutting fabric! Which is so awesome because who likes to cut out all the pattern pieces when making a project? Not me!! Cricut has teamed up with Simplicity and they now have hundreds of patterns that have been digitized for the Cricut Maker!! In the Past when sewing a project there were so many steps before you even would get to the fun sewing part. Cut the pattern out, pin onto fabric, cut out fabric, un pin everything and then try and get it to all fit back into the envelope. Cricut and Simplicity have cut all those steps out for you by creating ready to make projects. Simplicity has digitized their patterns to work with the Cricut Maker so it will now cut and mark all your fabric with the pattern markings and notches! This will create fabric pieces that will fit together perfectly.This is the future of sewing. YOu can now teach your children to sew at a younger age since the cutting is not involved. If you had given up sewing due to not being abke to cut due to illness or injuries can now get back to sewing. If you have been intimidated just by looking at the pattern pieces on the floor, or if you have been wanting to make projects to sell in a larger quantity for your business, This partnership combo is for you!!! Take a look through all the fun projects are already ready to go for you in the Simplicity projects in Cricut Design Space.My baby just got potty trained so I thought it was time to downsize the diaper bag and have something smaller and this bag was perfect. Keep reading for a step-by-step tutorial and my tips that I would suggest for this cute bag!

In Cricut Design space, search Clutch with strap to locate the pattern or click this link below.


Materials needed:

*I have suggested different amounts then those stated in the pattern suggestions.

Cricut Maker Machine 

Circut EasyPress

Cricut Fabric Mat

Cricut Washable fabric pen

Cricut Brayer

Cricut Sewing Tool Kit

Cricut Rotary blade (comes with machine)

Rotary Blade

Rotary mat

Heavy duty sewing machine needles

Heavy duty thread

1″ D rings

2, Swivel hooks

Magnetic Clasps

2 Rivets

Rivet tool kit

12″ Zipper

Main body fabric (Patterned tan) -24″ along the grain line.

Lining material (Floral) -24″ along grain line

Brown contrasting leather -11″ along grain line

Brown contrasting leather for strap 1″x46″

Lightweight fusible interfacing- 24″



First you will need to prep your Cricut Fabric mats with the materials.

    1. Cut one 12″ x 24″ piece of floral Lining fabric with the grain running parallel to the 24″ side.
    2. Cut one 8″ x 22″ piece of floral lining fabric with the grain running parallel to the 22′ side.
    3. Cut one 12″ x 11″ piece of brown contrasting fabric, with the grain running parallel to the 11″ side.
    4. Cut one 12″ x 24″ piece of main body fabric (tan patterned) with the grain running parallel to the 24″ side.
    5. Cut one 8″ x 22″ piece of lightweight fusible interfacing.
    6. Cut one 12″x 24″ piece of lightweight fusible interfacing.
      *TIP: The grain line runs parallel with the selvage edge. This is the factory edge that is stamped with the manufacturer’s name.

Apply your material RIGHT SIDE DOWN to the Cricut Fabric mats using the Brayer tool. This will help ensure the material is adhered to the mats.


Now that your material is prepped and on your Cricut Fabric mats your now ready to go to your Cricut Maker machine.

When you pull up the project and are on the cutting page with the mats, they are all diff colors here is a key to help you know which mats you want to cut for which mat.





Mat 1- Interfacing 12x 24 piece







Mat 2- Interfacing 8×22 Piece




Mat 3- Leather 12×11




Mat 4-Main body (tan pattern) 12×24





Mat 5- Floral Lining Fabric 8×22






Mat 6- Floral Lining fabric 12×24



You will be prompted to put the Cricut Fabric pen and the rotary blade into your machine.


Cut each mat as the machine prompts you to. The machine will draw with the washable pen first and then cut out the material.


Here is a link to the PDF step-by-step assembly instructions. This is from Simplicity Patterns. The instructions were very good and easy to follow.

I will give you a step-by-step with photos also but i suggest to have your PDF printed and by you while you sew your project!



1.Apply all the fusible interfacing to the WRONG SIDES of all the floral lining material using the Cricut EasyPress.

2.on the OUTSIDE of the main body fabric ( tan patterned ) pin the lower leather band.

Insert your heavy duty needle and heavy duty thread.

Having the raw edges together run a basting stitch.Stitch close to the unnotched edge of the lower band. Make a second stitch 1/4″ from the first stitch.

This will give you a beautifully finished front and back piece. Repeat for both sides.

3. On the OUTSIDE of the bag front, apply each half of the magnetic snaps to bag. I used the Everything Mary brand from Joanns. This was found in their bag making section. There is the website on the back of the package where you can get a video of how to apply these to your project.

4. Insert the tab through the D-ring and bring ends together. Baste across to hold in place.

Make sure that you look at the PDF instructions for placement of the D-rings!!!!! I apparently did not and had to fi it later! i put the on facing the outside which is WRONG!

THIS IS THE CORRECT PLACEMENT !!! raw edges together.

5.Make the two pockets. Make sure you have already applied the interfacing to the wrong sides of your pocket pieces with the Cricut EasyPress. with RIGHT sides together, fold the pocket along the fold line. Stitch along the side and lower edges, leaving an opening for turning. Turn the fabric right side out. I used the Cricut scoring tool that i had to push the corners out. It was a great tool since it is not really sharp.

Press your pocket with the Cricut EasyPress.

6. on the OUTSIDE of the floral lining piece. Pin the pocket to the bag.

Stitch the pocket to the lining close to the side and lower edges.

7. Refer to the PDF instructions for zipper placement. I bought a heavy duty zipper because i wanted the gold teeth. The shortest i could find was 20″ so i had to cut down the zipper. following the measurements from the PDF carefully cut the zipper between the teeth and make a stitch across the teeth where the zipper will end.

8. On the OUTSIDE of the bag front (tan patterned) pin closed zipper to bag front, having the zipper face down, center it between the 2 small dots. make sure the edges are even.

Using the zipper foot machine machine baste the zipper in place.

9. With RIGHT SIDES together, pin front lining to bag front. with raw edges together, machine stitch using a zipper foot, 1/4″ from upper edge through all the thickness.

10. Fold material over and with wrong sides together pin the material together to keep it out of the way so you can pin the other side to the zipper.

Apply the bag back and lining to the remaining half of the zipper in the same manner.

11.Refer to the PDF for some photos here. Press the zipper teeth toward back and lining sections. open bag out and open zipper. with RIGHT sides together, pin bag front and back, matching zipper tape and having raw edges even.Stitch leaving an opening for turning.

12. Turn bag lining RIGHT side out. Press with EasyPress and slip stitch the lining closed. Push lining into bag.

13. Make the Strap.I wanted my strap to be longer and wider then suggested. I made mine 1.5″ x 46″. I had to add some length to my strap to make it that long so i just made a seam and pressed open with the Cricut EasyPress . Fold the strap in half lengthwise, with WRONG sides together. Stitch close to both long edges and ends.

14.Attach strap to swivel hooks with rivets.

15. Attach swivel hook onto D rings

I absolutely am in love with the bag!!!! I had so much fun making it and choosing the fabrics. One of my favorite parts about sewing projects is your vision coming to life!!

I love how the Cricut Maker made it so easy to put together by cutting and marking the fabric with all the pattern markings! I hate to cut out patterns so this made it amazing!!!! No one like to cut the patterns out, am I right? I cant wait to go through all the other sewing projects that Simplicity has come out with for the Cricut Maker Machine!!

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial!! I cant wait to see how yours turned out!

Happy Crafting friends XOXOXO


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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