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Halloween is seriously my favorite holiday!! I love the weather, the fall colors, candy, decorations, and most of all dressing up!! For the last 12 years my husband and I have dressed up to match. As we have had kids we have just incorporated them and we always, always go as a theme together!! If your looking for couple or family costume ideas, here are a couple of ours. Fred and Wilma Flinstone, Jack and Sally Skellington, Aladdin, jasmine and abo, Incredibles, ninja turtles, toy story, star wars, hotel transylvania, just to name a few. I will have to dedicate a whole post just for our halloween costumes!! This year we are adding How to Train a Dragon in the mix!!! I have been so excited for this years costumes! I typically don’t make our costumes.  I have done parts here and there but I couldn’t help myself when the kids suggested this theme. All the leather studded accents looked like so much fun to make. I was sooo excited to give the new Cricut knife blade a try on my Cricut Maker Machine.

The Cricut Maker has made it possible to cut a wide variety of materials!! Today i will be cutting, foil iron-on, chipboard, faux leather, thick genuine leather, wood, and vinyl all with my Cricut Maker!!!! I can’t get enough of this machine it really makes anything possible. Get professional quality cuts right at home. The Cricut Maker has an adaptive tool system which means, as Cricut expands and adds tools this machine will be compatible for the future tools. It’s 360 degree capability is incredible too allowing you to get really detailed in your cuts.

These costumes had several different part to them. Belts, headbands, shoulder armor, apron armor, wristbands, ect… I would love to share with you how I made these awesome costumes using the Cricut maker.

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Click on any links below to purchase

I would like to break it down into sections by type. Leather, Wood, Fabric.

Leather accessories:

Cricut Maker

Cricut Knife Blade

Cricut Bronze Metallic Leather

Cricut Gold Metallc Leather

Cricut Dark Brown Genuine Leather

Cricut Faux Leather in Silver

Cricut Faux Leather in Brown

Round leather string

Rivit tools

Spot tool kit 





Pyramid studs


Heavy Duty snap Pliers 

Dome Rivets



In Cricut Design space, create 5 strips by adding a square. Unlock it and pull it long and skinny to get this shape. make them 1×11.45.

Choose cut. Choose Cricut Faux leather under material settings. and cut as directed.

Gather all your leather materials. Needed for this particular project will be: Rivit tools, Mallet, Rivit, Pyramid studs, Spot tool kit.

Punch a hole at the bottom and top of each leather strip. This is for the rivit, to hold all the pieces together. Then using the spot tool, punch the holes for the pyramid studs. I decided to alternate every other one with 4 then 3. Push the stud through the holes and fold down. Continue until they are all done. Stack all the strips of studded leather together. Place the rivet through all the pieces. * When doing the other side, reverse the order of the strips so that as it folds over your shoulder it creates that round shape.

* When doing the other side, reverse the order of the strips so that as it folds over your shoulder it creates that round shape.


Using Cricut Design Space, Add a square and a circle to the canvas. unlock both, create a long rectangle with the square. Copy and paste it so you have 2. Place the circle on one of the rectangles. Select both images and right click. Select slice. Remove the top half so you have a semi circle. Add this onto the bottom of the rectangle. When you have it in place, select both images, right click and weld together. This will create one of the petals for the leather skirt.

Measure your waist to determine how big you will need to make your skirt. Then determine how wide you would like your petals. I decided to alternate between bronze and gold metallic leather, so I changed the colors and added as many to the canvas that I was wanting to cut. I also wanted there to be a waistband so with that same measurement decide how wide you want the waistband to be and create a rectangle for that also. Since this Cricut Metallic leather only comes 12×12, I am planning to tie them all together with the round leather.

You can get the link to mine below



*When cutting this leather I wanted to use the Cricut Knife Blade. I was being prompted to just use the deep cut blade. I chose the garment leather and it brought the knife blade up and cut perfectly.

With all your pieces cut, gather all your tools. Rivit tool, mallet, round leather string, and a pen to mark holes.

Mark your first petal where you would like them. Punch out those holes. Using that as a guide mark the top right and left of every petal along the straight edge. Use the round leather to thread through the holes of 2 petals to connect them.

Continue for all 8 petals.

When your done attaching them. Make 3 marks on one of the petals going down for the spikes to be inserted. Use the rivit tool to punch the holes. Use the first one as a pattern and mark all the other petals and punch.

Place the screw of the big spikes through the back of the petals and screw the front spike to it for all petals.

How sweet is that?!!! I seriously was getting giddy at this point because it was just looking so awesome!! To add the waistband, I left the main middle piece as is and only punched the edges. all other sections had punches to attach each petal to it. Cut a long string of the round leather in the back to tie and close.

You will have to untie some of them and add longer string to be able to thread it all the way up.

Continue all the way around until the skirt it complete and holding all together!! I absolutely love how this turned out!! You will add the bird skulls using hot glue after you make them.


Using a scrap piece of bronze leather. Cut a 1/2 inch x 12″ piece of leather using the Cricut Self Healing Mat and Cricut Rotary Blade. Use the rivit tool to punch out holes. Apply silver rivits with rivit tools. Sew a piece of elastic on both ends to finish off the headband.



Click links below to purchase.

Cricut Maker

Cricut Knife Blade

Cricut 2mm Chipboard

1/32mm Basswood

Cricut midnight vinyl

Hot glue gun

I created this bird skull out of some basic images. add and circle and a triangle, unlock and drag the circle into more of an oval. Attach the triangle and weld. Slice out some small circles. and the straight line on top.SLice a small slice out of a circle for the beak part.

You can get my design here https://design.cricut.com/#/design/109656031

Using the Knife blade. Cut the back piece out of the Cricut 2mm Chipboard. You will need to tape down the chipboard onto a strong grip mat with some painters tape. The mat just isn’t strong enough to hold down that dense of material.  Cut more back pieces out of black vinyl and apply to chip board. Cut the top detail pieces out of 1/32mm Basswood. You can find this at Hobby Lobby. Tape this wood down with painters tape also.

Love how these turned out too!! Using a hot glue gun apply all the pieces together and onto Astrid’s belt and shoulder armor pieces.


In Cricut Design Space, add a square shape to the canvas. Unlock it and pull it into a large rectangle. I made mine 5″ wide by 11.45 long. the Cricut Dark Brown Genuine Leather, only comes in 12×12. Copy and paste that same rectangle. Unlock and make it super thin. Copy that 4 times. take the 4th one and shorten it just slightly. I wanted this to fit the wrist and up the forearm. My husband has very large forearms so I wanted to be able to make the snap closer at the wrist and as far as possible at the top as his arm gets bigger. PLace the thin lines well spaced enough so you can apply a stud in between. You will have to slice each line individually. Select the line, select the rectangle, right click and slice. Remove the thin line and the slice result and you will see it cut all the way though. make sure to shorten the bottom 2 lines.

You can get my design below:


Ready to cut. Copy and paste image so you will make 2 wrist bands.

Choose the Garment leather so that the machine will allow you to use the Cricut Knife Blade. Cut out the 2 cuffs.

Following the instructions on your snaps. Use the Heavy duty snap pliers to attach them onto your cuffs.

Mark where you would like to have your studs. Use the Rivit tool and punch out the holes.

These studs that I used are screw on backs so they were so easy to use and every single one threaded perfectly. Place the screw on the back side and then screw on the stud on the top.

Link to studs: https://amzn.to/2xVvu21

Do the same for the other cuff and your done.



I wanted this belt to be a large statement for the outfit. I decided to make it 6 inches wide and as long as I could 12 inches. Using the Cricut Self Healing Mat, Cricut 6×26 ruler, and the Cricut Rotary Cutter, Cut the dark brown leather in half. I needed 36 inches for the waist band, so I cut 3- 5×12 pieces. * Absolutely love the Cricut Rotary cutter and mat!!!!

Mark 3 holes on one of the 5″ sides. Punch out the holes. Use that one as a template to mark all other 5″ edges and punch.

Cut some of the Round leather and attach each section together.

Leaving the center section alone, mark the 2 outside sections to stud. Punch them out with the rivit tool.

Place the round head studs on. These ones were super easy and just pressed right on. Place the peg through the back and press the round cap on the front side.

Cut a large piece of the round leather to tie the back together.



Creating the image takes a few steps that I will list below or you can use my design https://design.cricut.com/#/design/110428360

I found this dragon in Cricut Design Space that I liked but only wanted the head so I had to slice it a few times to remove all the unknown pieces. Insert image. Add circle, and place over head. select both images and right click to slice. Repeat that process to remove the other unwanted lines. Open another circle drag over just the face. Select both, right click and slice.

Search Braided circle and find this image. select it and right click, ungroup. Remove the teal circle from the back bring to the front. Make it smaller to remove the center of the image leaving a circle border in the center. Select both images and slice.

Place the Dragon head into the circle opening and weld together. Add a circle. Make it 6″. Place the welded dragon image on top slightly smaller.

Cut the Dragon Layer out of the Chrome foil iron on. Weed out all the negative image.

Cut the solid circle out of the Cricut Dark Brown Genuine Leather.

Using the Cricut EasyPress 2 and mat, set to 295 degrees place a piece of parchment paper on top of leather pieces and apply for 30 seconds. This will make up your 2 shoulder medallions.

To create the belt buckle unlock the medallion image and pull it into an oval shape.

Cut the solid oval out of the faux leather in brown. Cut the Dragon image out of the chrome iron on and apply like above.

Place on belt and center. Attach with Zots the sticky scrap booking things. Worked great. Finish 4 studs around the belt after you placed the buckle.

FABRIC/ IRON ON SUPPLIES NEEDED- Click links below to order

Cricut Maker

Cricut EasyPress 2 10×12

Cricut EasyPress Mat

Cricut Self Healing Cutting Mat

Cricut Rotary Blade

Cricut 6×26 Acrylic Ruler

Cricut Chrome Foil Iron-on

Cricut Pewter Foil Iron-on

Cricut lemongrass Foil Iron-on

Cricut Sewing tool kit

1 yard grey cotton fabric



This concept came to me after searching for images online of Stoik. I really loved the detail in the armor he was wearing and I really wanted to recreate it. I decided to use the Cricut Foil Iron-on. It has that metal look to it and I thought it would give the same effect.

I started by adding a diamond onto the canvas of Cricut Design Space. Multiple the image several times and attach them all together. I measured and made sure that i made the lay out large enough for my whole apron. I added a few pops of green to add some fun.

I made strings of the diamonds as long as they could cut out on a 12×24 mat. Since I added the little pieces of green I had to break some of those up and then add smaller strings together to get the length that I was going for.

You can get me design here https://design.cricut.com/#/design/109769810

Cut out all the Diamonds. Make sure to mirror them since it’s iron on.

Weed each sheet and cut the strips apart and separate for application.

Using the EasyPress 2 and the EasyPress Mat, start applying the diamonds following the pattern that you designed. Heat at 295 degrees for 30 seconds on the front and 15 on the back.

Continue until the entire fabric is covered.

Cut the detail out of the bottom using the cricut fabric scissors.

Turn over the side seams. With the left over material cut a 2″ strip, fold in half and sew edge. turn right side out and apply the strap. continue on the other side. Turn down top and sew.


These costumes were so fun to make! the fact that i could cut thick leather, wood, iron-on, vinyl all on one machine is just incredible! I could not have made this without The Cricut Maker Machine. This was my first time cutting the thick genuine and metallic leathers that Cricut offers and the Cricut Knife Blade made it a piece of cake! It cut right through it and i was able to have a perfect result on my first try! Cricut has taken all the guesswork out of machine settings! They have spent hours and hours testing materials for us and ensuring that the machine will cut that material properly! The wood blew me away! It does take a while to cut wood as the blade passes several times but i loved that they gave you a countdown and a timer so that you would know what to expect. I can see a lot more DIY Halloween costumes in my future with this machine!!

I hope you all liked this tutorial! Please feel free to leave comments or questions below!


DIY how to train a dragon costumes made with the Cricut Maker. Get the tutorials on www.sugarcoatedhousewife.com

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


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