Nautical first Birthday Party


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Nautical birthday party for my little man he is turning 1!!! I don’t know how he got so big, so fast!! This party was so fun to do. I did a donut and hot chocolate bar. Lots of sweet treats all to go with the theme! Swedish fish, Gold fish, Salt water taffy, licorice ropes, rice krispie star fish, pretzel fishing rods, lifesavers, and chips AHOY cookies!

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Pretzel Rods dipped in melting chocolate with rope and bubble attatched

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Nautical Smash Cake


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   toppings used for the hot chocolate bar: Mini Marshmallows, health bites, crushed candy canes, cookies and cream bars, carmel, chocolate sticks, red chocolate dipped marshmallows on striped straws.


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IMG_8594 copy

Birthday Boy Sailor Chair

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Donut Holder was made by my dad with a 2×4 and dowels then i sprayed with an epoxy type of spray paint so that you can wipes it off and clean after use!! Such a fun way to display the donuts.

IMG_8597 copy

IMG_8598 copy

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Rice Krispie Starfish



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Happy Birthday to my Kaleb Boy!!

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IMG_8707I had to keep the color theme going, so we finished off the night with the smash cake. It was red velvet cake and buttercream on the inside.

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