Baby Shower for Ruby!

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Main Raindrops 6539

Baby “SHOWER” for Ruby!

I had such a fun time creating this shower, for one of my best friends, Jenny. I wanted to “SHOWER” her with love and celebrate her little Ruby, who was coming soon!! I made the Clouds and Raindrops with white felt. I started by drawing the shapes I wanted for the clouds, on a large piece of butcher paper. then traced that onto the felt, cut that out 2 times for each cloud and sewed them together. leave a small opening to add stuffing. Hand stitch the opening closed when they are filled. I made 3 different shapes to give some variety. Cut out 8 large raindrops, and 7 smaller ones. Stuff and stitch closed.  Use fishing line to make a hanger from the top, and to attach all the raindrops to the clouds. I used a large sewing needle, but it’s hard to push through the material,  so your going to want a thimble to save your fingers!!

Brunch Menu:

Crepe Bar with all the fixin’s (I love this crepe maker, it made making these for a crowd so much easier!). Strawberry, raspberry, peach, and apple pie filling. Peanut Butter & Nutella. Cinnimon Sugar, Powder Sugar, Honey, and Mini Chocolate Chips. Blueberry muffins, Fruit bowl, Egg Casserole, Mini waffles & Mini Pancakes(the frozen ones to make it quick!! ) with  small individual dishes of syrup for dipping. Orange Juice and  Milk to drink.





I Used, Jones Soda Bottles. Removed the labels, and added a fun straw!




The Pretty Mamma to be!! I love this girl so much! She is so fun, creative, and one of the nicest people I know! She deserved to be “SHOWERED” in Love.


Party Favors: Tubes of lemon drops with tags, Thanks for “DROPPING” by!!


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