Loved the Circus!

The Out of this World presentation, by Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey was just that! What a creative theme it was for the circus. The whole family had so much fun, and my kids were entertained the whole time!! They were so amazed at all the tricks and the animals were awesome! img_7156

The daring acrobats into space were so impressive and well done! We were on the edge of our seats the whole time!! img_7159

I couldn’t believe that all those lions and tigers listened so well and did just what the ring master told them to do! very impressive!! img_7158

The space ship was so cool and took off many times to get to the next world! img_7162 img_7178

The two worlds that I liked the most was the ice and the fire! There was so much detail and thought put into every part of the show!! One of my boys favorite parts, was the motorcycles in the sphere! We couldn’t believe they had 6 people in there going at the same time!! img_7165

We had such a great time. My kids didn’t want to leave! Hope your able to get tickets and enjoy a night of family fun and adventure into space!! img_7171

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