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I have 3 Crazy Little boys!! They are so full of energy and definitely keep me busy from SON up to SON down!! Being a mom to all boys is hard. Sword fights, messes, and endless amounts of energy! I honestly have a hard time keeping up with them!! THE STRUGGLE IS REAL PEOPLE!! When people see me at the store they go,” oh boy you’re busy!!” Yes, Yes i am!! It can get discouraging when people are constantly saying, “You’re in for it! ” or ,”Are you gonna try for a girl?” well we did try for a girl and it came out a boy!! lol but I wouldn’t change it for the world!!  I love my boys. They are all over the place right now, but i know one day i will miss all the messes and chaos going on in the house! When we found out that our 3rd was going to be a boy, my sweet sister in law sent me this story and it of course made me cry, but also be so grateful that i am able to be the mamma to 3 beautiful, strong boys. If your a BOYMOM you definitely want to give this a read!!

I have come to discover that there is a lot of fun BOYMOM apparel and jewelry! Its fun to have stuff to show off and be proud that yes, yes I am a BOYMOM and I love it!! I just got this darling necklace from Littlefield Lane . They seriously have the cutest jewelry! I love how inspirational their pieces are. I of course chose to go with the BOYMOM charm in silver. The simplicity of it makes it so easy to wear with everything. They have other charms that you can add if you wanted something more, like the #OUTNUMBERED charm. Ain’t that the truth!


How darling is this packaging?!!! I was seriously blown away when I opened the box!


Head over to Littlefield Lane and see all the inspirational pieces that they have to offer and get something that is perfect for you!!

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