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I love this time of year! All the holiday parties and get togethers with friends. Thanksgiving is such a great time to slow down and to think about all the things that are really important in life. This shirt, from Cents of style ,really says it all. Thankful, Grateful and blessed. My life is pretty busy right now with 3 little boys ages 5, 3, and 1. The house is never quiet and I feel like I can never keep up with them! I have had to let go and realize that its ok if the dishes aren’t done right now. Its ok if there are toys everywhere! I never imagined that this is where is would be 5 yrs ago. My boys are truly the biggest blessing!! Before we had our first son we struggled with infertility. I had 3 miscarriages with a year of trying to conceive in between each one. This was one of the biggest trials in my life, It was so hard to want something so badly and have no control!! We went through tons of testing with no answers or explanation to why this was happening. We decided to try Clomid with IUI and we finally were able to have our first little baby boy!! We were so excited and thankful for this blessing that we had been given. To my shock and surprise, we had no trouble at all getting our other 2 boys. It’s so crazy how life works out. I am so grateful for the beautiful family that I have been blessed with.wright-h-2131

I got this darling shirt from, Cents of Style. It is the perfect T-shirt to layer you fall outfits with. Today November 4th, they are giving you one FREE, with any $25.00 purchase!!! The code is THANKFUL1 and it will make each t-shirt FREE with any $25 purchase, + FREE SHIPPING! Anything on their site is free game – any purchase that totals $25 qualifies for the free t-shirt. Here are steps for purchase:
1- Find products you love (jewelry, clothes, shoes, whatever you have to have) and add it to your cart.
2- When the cart totals $25, add the Thankful Grateful Blessed shirt from our Fashion Friday page to the cart.
3- Hit Checkout.
4- Put the code THANKFUL1 in the “Gift Card or Discount Code” Box to make your t-shirt FREE!

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