Monster Jam Triple Threat Series Review

Last night we were able to attend the Monster Jam Triple threat series show!! It was so fun and full of energy!! The trucks were huge and soo loud!! We couldn’t believe all the tricks these trucks were doing!! So glad we had some ear protection! It was extremely loud when the trucks hit the gas!! If you don’t have any ear plugs or other ear protection, they had them for sale at the show, which was so convenient. Seriously look at that face! It says it all. It was this little guys birthday the day of the show and he had the best time!! He enjoyed his snow cone in this cool monster truck cup, we got at the show. The events were technical and full of entertainment. My boys couldn’t take their eyes off of them! Everyone picked their favorites and we all had a blast cheering for our picks to win!! One of our favorite events was the Donut spin off!! Click–> HERE to see the video of the winner!! We would definitely go back to this show again it was so entertaining and a great family night out!! 

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