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Faux Leather Chokers made with the Cricut you can get all details at
How fun is this? I am seriously obsessed with chokers right now!! I came across some Faux Leather from Cricut, and thought immediately about all the fun things I could make! Some chokers, were first on the list!! I have never made jewelry before so I had to get a few new tools and hardware to put them together. I already had my Cricut machine,which I needed to cut the leather. Do you have a Cricut machine yet? if not, you may be wondering, How does the Cricut machine work? The Cricut is a machine that is linked to a program on the computer called Cricut Design Space. In the program you can create your projects in layers and specify colors and size. You send the images to the Cricut. Insert the mat with the correct paper, vinyl, faux leather, iron on material, ect..and the machine does the rest!! It’s incredible how quick and easy it makes these projects! Today I am going to share some tutorials on how to make 3 different Faux Leather Chokers.

Materials Needed:

Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Faux Leather- Peacock Blue, Black, and Gold

Cricut STONG mat (you have to have the Strong purple mat to hold this material down good enough)


Jewelry Chain

3-12mm Lobster Clasps

2- lg. clasp Closures

4-cord end caps



Faux Leather Chokers made with the Cricut you can get all details at

Open Cricut Design studio, create a new project, click insert a shape from the menu on the left hand side. Choose a square. clikc the lock to unlock the ratio of the image. Drag it to make a rectangular shape that is 11″ long and 0.67″ wide. Now for the tricky part! Make another rectangle by duplicating the one you just made! The duplicate button is on the bottom righthand side of the page. make it as thin as possible, you want it to look like a thin line. Place it on top of the bigger rectangle and adjust the length leaving enough room for the image to be solid on the ends for the hardware. Select the thin line and then the outer one and on the top righthand menu click layers and then slice. This will remove the thin line that you made making it a cut line now! move the image and you will see that it now has a hole where you cut it out. Repeat this step one more time to make another slice.

The second slice didn’t remove, but it still cut so don’t be worried about that. Click GO. Place your Faux Leather on the purple, strong Cricut mat. This is a must!! The other mats are not strong enough to hold down this heavy material and it will slip all over the place while it cuts. Feed mat into machine. Make sure and turn the dial on the machine to custom. Then in the drop down box look for Faux Leather like this image below. Cut your image by pressing the flashing button on the machine.

Remove image and add the Large Clasp Closure on the end and pinch it shut with the pliers. Using the pliers remove a link from the chain and attach it to the Clasp Closure. Add a Lobster Clasp to one end and close. Add a few inches of chain to the other end of the choker. Your done!!!! I have included my share link for you here if you are short on time and want to through this project together quick!! Enjoy! xoxo


Faux Leather Chokers made with the Cricut you can get all details at

This one was really simple. Create a rectangle like we did above to size and width. I did,  11.48″ long and .11″ wide. Cut following instructions above, place all 3 pieces on top of each other and place inside a Cord End Cap. Use the pliers to close it down. Carefully braid the leather pieces together trying to keep them flat and straight. Add another Cord End Cap on the end. Follow instructions above to add Lobster Clasp and chain. Done!!! Design is included below!! Enjoy! xoxo


Faux Leather Chokers made with the Cricut you can get all details at

Follow all the instructions above for the braid choker. change one line to a tan color so it will have you change out the mats. When all of them are cut sandwhich the gold in between the black and add a Cord End Cap on the end. Repeat on the other side. Add a Lobster Clasp and Chain like above. 

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is such an amazing machine. You can make so many projects in minutes. You can get yours –>HERE. Hope you have fun and enjoy creating your own Faux Leather Chokers.



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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