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Cricut Design Space offers so many images, but sometimes you are wanting to match a specific theme that you just can’t find an image for. Did you know that you can upload your own images into Design Space??? It’s seriously so fun to be able to customize invitations, party favors, cards, party decor, clothing, ect..It is extremely easy to do through Design space and you don’t have to have photoshop or anything to prepare images. One of the first projects I used this feature for was a super girl party!! I wanted the super hero logos in the girl colors and it turned out so fun!!! You can view that post and get the how to for the entire party HERE

First you will want to search google for free images that do not contain copy rights or you can purchase images to use. Keep in mind that anytime you do upload images you will not be able to share your projects with other people. For this party I purchased this package on Etsy for the super girl images and logos.



Open Cricut Design Space. Click upload images on the left had tool bar.


The next screen will pull up all images you have previously uploaded. Click the upload image button.

Click browse to search your computer for the images you want to upload.


Your image will appear in this box and it will ask you what type of image your working with. If your image has a very different colored background and you have a pretty simple image, choose moderately complex image. Click continue in the bottom right corner.

Using the wand tool, click on the areas in which you want to delete the background. You can see that when the background is removed it appears as a checkered background. Repeat until all the white space you want it gone.


You will now be left with an image like this. Click the continue button on the bottom right corner.

You need to specify how you want it to be saved. You will see below how each would look. printed image on the left and the cut image on the right. This particular image I wanted to be cut. Select the one you want, name it on the right hand side, and click save.


You will be brought back to the very first page and you will see that your image has now been added to your uploaded images. if you are ready to create your project, select your image you want to use and click insert image on the bottom right hand corner.

Lets quickly run through a print the cut upload. Follow the steps above. Click upload image, Browse, choose image. This image already came as a PNG image. which means it has a transparent background. These are so nice cause you wont have to remove the background yourself. Since the background is gone just click simple image. Continue, continue again since your not removing anything.

Now you will want to select Print then Cut image. This means that you will first send this image through your printer and then place on a mat and your Cricut machine will then cut around the image. You will be able to make custom items and signs for your parties and events!! Name and save.


There are so many projects that you can make uploading your own images!! I really love this feature and how simple it is to use!! Hope I was able to answer all your questions about uploading your own images with Cricut. Please feel free to leave other questions and comments. Get your new Cricut Machine HERE to get started!

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