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I have been getting a few questions about the Cricut machine and so I thought I would write a few posts to help answer some questions! One of the questions i have been hearing lately is..Will I be required to use cartridges with the Cricut? In the past when the Cricut first came out you would have to buy an entire cartidge to get any single image that you wanted. The machine had a slot on it and you would stick the cartridge in it and there was a matching keyboard that you would use to choose your images.

You didn’t have to use a computer but you also couldn’t see what your image was going to look like size wise and location on the paper it was all a guessing game!! The Cricut cartridges were pretty pricy for me and i struggled when i just wanted one little image!! Cricut has done so many things to change the way the Cricut machine works and it’s soooo amazing and simple now!! Cricut has a program called Design Space which they have had in the past that you could link all your cartridges to and use on your computer. You can now use the machine without cartridges!!!! Cricut Design Space now allows you to purchase individual images as you need them or you can pay a monthly membership to join Cricut Access, which will give you access to most of the images and fonts!! its seriously incredible and so affordable! If you have purchased cartridges in the past you can link them to your account and those images and fonts will always be available to you. Another difference with the new machine is that there is no longer is a place for a keypad its all done on the computer now. Its pretty awesome. I love the change that they have made. It has made crafting much easier and less to have to store with this change!! If you dont have your Cricut yet and have been thinking of getting one you should the possibilities with this machine are endless and now easier to use then before click the link below to get yours directly!


Thanks for all your questions and please feel free to ask more!


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