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I have been hearing many people asking,”Will I use the Cricut Machine enough to justify the price?” the answer is absolutely YES!!!!! Having the Cricut has made so many gifts and parties possible that i never would have done other wise!! Having the ability to create custom items at the drop of a hat is so fun!! I keep my machine out and connected to my computer at all times on my desk. It makes it easy when you need something quick and you avoid the hassle of having to get it out of the box and all set up every time you want to use it!! I have used the Cricut so many times in the last year that it honestly paid for itself in the first month!! Not to mention that I have had so much fun using it !! I love Design space and how simple it is to use! Having the Make it now projects is also such a perk! The Cricut team has taken out the guess work and created them all for you to be able to make a quick project!! In my opinion the Cricut Machine is 100% worth the investment. I love mine so much. Check out my DIY tab and see all the fun projects and parties that I have been able to do since having my Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine. If you have further concerns or questions please don’t hesitate to ask!!

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