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Halloween is on its way!!!! I am so excited, it’s my favorite holiday. Is it to early to start decorating? As soon as the weather starts changing, I’m ready to get the skeletons, pumpkins, and cauldrons out. To start the season off right, I made up this spooky pumpkin. I had so much fun making this and my new Cricut Maker Machine made it so quick! Not having to hand cut all those fabric pieces is my kind of project. Follow this DIY Spooky Pumpkin tutorial and make one for yourself!!

Materials Needed:

Cricut Maker Machine )

Cricut 12×12 Fabric Mat

Cricut Rotary Blade (Comes with the Maker Machine)

Sewing Machine

Thread color of choice

3-pieces of black felt

8-12×12 pieces of different cotton fabrics of your choice.

2-bags of Poly-Fill

Glue Gun/Glue sticks

Embellishments- feathers, zippers, mesh fabric, fake spiders, ribbon,  rhinestone elastic, Ect…

Hand sewing needle


To start you will need to prepare your images in Cricut Design Space. This project requires a leaf and a stem image. I have included the FREE link for you to use. Click the link to open the project in your Cricut Design Space. You will have 2 leaf images.

The larger leaf is for the bottom pumpkin and the smaller one is for the top pumpkin.  With your Cricut Maker Machine, you will cut out your fabric for both the small and large pumpkin at the same time.

Preparing your fabric-

Take one piece of fabric and cut it into a 12×12 square. I used a rotary blade and mat to do this and it went so quick.

After your pieces are cut, place your first piece onto your pink fabric mat.

In Cricut design Space, Choose make it. Choose your fabric type from the material list. Click make it. The machine will then cut 2 leaf pattern pieces which are the body of the pumpkin. One for the Large and one for the small.

Continue to do this for all 8 fabrics. After you cut the first mat and unload it, remove material and place new fabric on the mat. Load into your machine and click the flashing go button. You don’t have to cancel out just reload it into the machine since you are recutting the same thing. While one fabric is cutting, use that time to cut down your other materials into the 12×12 square so you can get it right on the mat as soon as the machine is done cutting and get that one started right after.

Sewing the pumpkin body-

1.Lay out your pumpkin body pieces and arrange them into the sequence that you like. I did the same sequence for both the large and small pumpkins.

(IMPORTANT STEP– Before and after each time you sew pull the bobbin and top thread out about 8″ Leaving you with very long tails at the top and bottom of each piece. This will give your pumpkin its shape, you will see how in later steps.)

2. Take the second one from the left and flip into over onto the 1st pattern piece with right sides together. Sew the pieces together with a 1/2″ seam allowance. Starting a 1/2″ in from the top, so all the pieces will fit together at the top.

3. Repeat step 2 with pieces 3 and 4. Flip 4 over onto 3 with right sides together and sew together. Turn right side out.

4. Place the pieces 3&4 into pieces 1&2 sew them together with right sides together. Make sure your sewing them together in the sequence that you wanted.Set that group of 4 pieces aside.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 with the remaining fabric pieces 5-8. Turn right side out.

6. Make both sets of 4 fabrics into a bowl shape.

7. Place your 2nd set that is right side out into the other 1st set. Matching up the seams as best you can, sew along the top rim leaving 1.5-2″ opening to add the poly-fill. Remember to backstitch at the opening so your stitching doesn’t come out.

Sew around the top edge.

(IMPORTANT STEP– Here is where those long strings come into play. straighten out your strings on each end. bringing them close together in the center tie them together so the 2 ends are about 1-2 inches apart.)

8.Turn right side out.

9. Carefully stuff tightly with the poly-fill.

10. Hand sew the opening shut.

11. Repeat all steps for the little pumpkin.

Sewing the stem-

Using this share link, open Cricut Design space. Here you have the Stem and a spider web for embellishing the pumpkins.

  1. Place black felt on the pink fabric mat.
  2. You will cut the 2 pieces for the stem, 1 large, 1 medium, and 1 small spider web. Make sure and adjust the images to fit on your mat according to your fabric size. you may need to move items on the mat if you have a felt sheet thats smaller then 12×12. Follow prompts to change out mats.

Sew the 2 stems together 1/4″ seam ( you want it close but make sure your in far enough so it doesn’t pull when your stuffing it)

Continue cutting all the spider webs. The small web is pretty tiny so be carful when removing it from mat so it doesn’t fall apart on you.


Stacking and embellishing pumpkins-

Now for the fun part, making it all come together and giving it some personality! Start with the large pumpkin. Place the large spider web where you think looks best. I added some black tulle with fake spiders on it in 3 different places. Using your hot glue gun, attach those to the large pumpkin.

Place the smaller pumpkin on top. Turn and line up the fabrics however you like them to look on top of each other. Once you find that placement, hot glue that pumpkin in place on top of the larger one. Take your stem and hot glue it in place. I used the small spider web on the top just left behind the stem. Use whatever embellishments you want to give it your own creative touch. I used a combo of mesh fabric ties around the stem to hide the glue, pieces of zippers i had left over ( i tied it into a little knot do the end stood up a little), feathers, and some rhinestone elastic.

I added the medium spider web at the end on the right back portion of the larger pumpkin. attaching it onto the smaller one just slightly so it stood off of it.

You can embellish as much or as little as you want! These pumpkins would look so cute in other colors too! I thought about making some purple and black witch ones with a tiny little hat on top instead of a stem! There are so many variations you could do.

This spooky pumpkin will add so much fun and dimension to your Halloween decor! Its such a statement piece!!

I hope that you loved making this project and that it inspires you to make so many more things!! The Cricut Maker Machine does all the hard work, saving us time to do the fun creative part instead of having to hand cut everything! Not to mention that it makes the pattern and embellishments like the spider webs just absolutely perfect!! I was so impressed with how the felt cut!! I can’t wait to get started on my next sewing project with my Maker Machine!!

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