Create a custom Valentine for your littles that their friends are sure to love!! I found these cute little heart slime’s at Target. They were in the Valentine area. Each bag came with 16 heart slimes for only $3. Awesome right!

I created a card using Cricut Design space and I have included the project link here. https://design.cricut.com/#/design/132538276

The card is created at 2.5 x 3.5 Using the slice method, I cut out the heart shape so that I could slide the slime hearts onto the card.

How to use the slice method:

Place image that you want cut out onto your card. Select both images, right click and select slice. Drag the cut shapes away and you will be able to see the hole is now cut out.

Add your font, Change the fill at the top of your screen to print. This changes the font so it will now be printed instead of cut. Continue to do this to all fonts. when you are done and the font is where you want it on your card, select all by dragging your mouse over the card. Right click and select attach. Then right click and select flatten. Both of these steps are necessary for your print then cut to work.

You will see the outline has disappeared when you have flattened your image.

Click Create. If you need more then one, add copies at the top. Print your image. UNCHECK the bleed and select the copies you need printed.

Place on mat and cut images out

*TIP!!!! Turn your mat over, and bend the mat back off the paper to keep the paper from curving!

Slide your slime in and your done!!! My boys are super excited to pass these out, they loved the VALEN-SLIME saying.

Thanks so much for stopping by friends! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

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