St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! I went to several stores and I couldn’t find anything that wasn’t borderline cheesy. I wanted something that gave that pot of gold feeling but was more on the sophisticated side. Cricut Design space has sooo many fun St. Patrick’s day designs. Using an image I found there and tweaking it a little, I made this cute wreath! Check out this tutorial on how to use your Cricut Knife Blade to cut Heavy Chipboard and adhesive foil to create this fun St. Patricks Day wreath.

The Cricut Knife blade is pretty incredible and can really take your craft projects to the next level. In this project I will be cutting 2mm Chipboard. The Knife blade can cut through several materials like bass wood, balsa wood, chipboard, tooling leather, garment leather, matboard and craftfoam. It’s premium 12mm carbide blade will cut through thicker, denser materials allowing you to get more texture and dimension in your projects!



Cricut Maker

Cricut Knife Blade

Cricut Fine Point Blade

Cricut Heavy Chipboard 2.0mm

Cricut Adhesive Foil- Stainless Gold

Cricut Transfer tape

Open your Cricut Design space and search under categories for St. Patricks Day. Find this image below and insert it into your canvas. Add text in the Cricut Babette font in the word, Lucky.

You will see that your letters are separated and we want to weld them together. Select your word. On the bottom left corner click the little lock button to unlock the letters.

With your word still selected, right click and ungroup the word.

Now you can slide all the letters together how you would like them to be. When you have them in place, select the letters by dragging your mouse over all the letters. Right click and select WELD. This will then make a continuous line with no breaks throughout your word.

Adjust the four leaf clover image to the size you want it to be. I wanted this to be as big as I could make it. Since I was cutting Chipboard the image can only be 11 inches wide. This is because the 4 star rollers that are on the machine need to be pressed all the way to the right side of your machine. This allows you to have more clearance and be able to use thicker materials. The Chipboard comes 11×11 so that’s nice.

When using any thicker, denser material, you will need to use a strong grip mat and tape your material down to ensure there isn’t movement of the material as the machine passes over it several times.

Once your material is prepared on the mat, continue back in Design Space creating your image.

We now need to slice our word out of the four leaf clover. Drag the word over the four leaf clover and place it in the center. Resize it to fit.

Select both images, right click and select slice.

Drag the words away from the image. There will be 2, one that’s black and one that is green. you now have the word, Lucky cut out of the four leaf clover.

You are now ready to cut out your image. Change your blade to the Knife blade and load your prepared mat.

Click make, select your mat size as 12×12, select your machine and material type. I love that the machine will prompt you to change your blade to the correct blade needed for yoru material type! It takes so much of the guesswork out of making a project! You will notice that it tells you to move your star wheels all the way to the right, make sure material is no wider than 11 inches, and to use a strong grip mat and make sure you have it taped down. I’m so thankful that they give me these little reminders! Select the flashing go button on your machine and let it do its magic.

When using a thicker material, the machine needs to pass over the image several time with different pressure to ensure that you get a nice clean cut. This particular image and material required 20 passes. Another thing I love it that design space gives you a time frame when your design will be ready. I was able to set it to cut and walk away and make dinner.

This is what it looked like after the machine cut it. remove tape and pop out the negative pieces.

I love how clean and beautiful the chipboard came out! The Knife Blade cut the intricate words so perfectly.

Since i was wanting to give this a little pop, I decided to cut the image again with Cricuts Adhesive Foil, Stainless Gold. Make sure to change the cutting material settings and cut the image again.

Remove the negative from the adhesive foil. You will now need to use the Cricut Transfer tape. Transfer tape is used when you are wanting to put an image onto another surface. Remove the backing of the transfer tape along one side and fold back the paper. Slowly press down and pull back to adhere the sticky back of the transfer tape to the top of your project. You will now have your 2 images cut out. One of chipboard for the strength and one of the pretty Stainless Gold Adhesive Foil.

Using a Cricut Scraper or credit card, rub the transfer tape to your image to ensure it is sticking to the transfer tape. Remove paper backing. Your image should now be on the grid sticky paper. Carefully line it up over the chipboard and press. Rub it when in place and carefully remove the transfer tape.

Thread a ribbon or string through the top hole and attach your four leaf clover to your greenery. You now have a custom made St. Patrick’s Day wreath!!! You could seriously do this for every holiday. Cricut has so many cute new vinyls. Patterned, Foil, holographic, Glitter and glossy.

This wreath looks so fun from the street. The Adhesive foil is so shiny and perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

Hope you all enjoyed this Tutorial!! Feel free to leave any comments or questions below and check back soon for more DIY tutorials.

XOXOXO Hillary


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

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