Cricut Hat Press

The Cricut Hat Press is here and it's amazing!! In the post today I will show you how to use the Cricut Hat Press. Using the new Cricut Heat App, the Cricut Heat is so easy to use with the step by step prompts from the bluetooth Cricut Heat App. I love that the Cricut Hat Press comes with the press form. This helps create that firm pressing surface for those curved surfaces of the hat. Allowing ... Read More about Cricut Hat Press


Looking for Christmas gift ideas? Create this Christmas Mug set for someone you love using the Cricut Mug Press! It's so fun to customize gifts and create something homemade! Get all the product and design links below along with a step by step tutorial to help you create a set for yourself!! ... Read More about CHRISTMAS MUG GIFT SET


Create a fun DIY lemonade stand using the Cricut Maker 3 Machine. The Cricut Maker 3 gives you the ability to create much longer cuts than the previous Cricut machines. Cricut has created Smart Materials for the Cricut Maker 3. This means you can cut mat-less and no longer have to apply the material onto a mat! This also mean longer cuts since you don't have the restriction of the mat holding you ... Read More about DIY LEMONADE STAND

Constellation Foil Art Gift

Create beautiful constellation foil art using the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Foil Transfer System. Did you know that you can purchase a star? Purchase a star in honor of or as a gift for someone that you love & create a beautiful copy of the star location, using the Cricut Foil Transfer System. Frame it up, add the coordinates of the star to the mat, and you have created a beautiful art ... Read More about Constellation Foil Art Gift